Issue № 6 | December 2009

What is “health,” and what does it mean to be “healthy”? In this issue, Breanne Fahs queries how we, along with the pharmaceutical industry, have come to redefine mental, emotional, and sexual health. Meanwhile, Helen Heightsman Gordon’s poem reflects on caretaking. Alex Jay Kimmelman reminds us that people once traveled to find healthier climates in the Western U.S.A., while Hope Miller reflects on a last breakfast before leaving the Western state of Utah. Luke Perry offers insights into the exceptionalist bent of U.S. political culture that underlies a contentious healthcare debate, and James K. Walker examines alternative approaches to the body in Le Parkour in Britain.

This is the last issue of The Public Sphere until September 15, 2010, when The Public Sphere will return from a brief hiatus. Because much of the magazine will stay the same, we will accept submissions until August 15, 2010.

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