Issue № 4 | June 2009

We at the The Public Sphere are celebrating a one-year anniversary since we ran our test issue 0. Given the myriad anniversaries honored in 2009, from the French Revolution to the Chinese revolution to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez”s show, Aló Presidente, it seemed an appropriate time to ponder the power and meaning of anniversaries while considering the complex issues confronting us in daily life regardless of annual recognitions. Linda Levitt takes up the impending 40th anniversary of the moon landing, querying mediations of NASA”s space explorations. Meanwhile, T.R. Kiyoshi Oshiro questions the role anniversaries play in individual lives, and Mohammad Razi reflects on his own anniversary, having lived through the Iranian Revolution. Continuing explorations of life as a Filipina American, Lauren Espineli examines the importance of language and public recognition in her own life. Responding to Mark C. Taylor”s editorial on the nbso crisis of U.S. higher education, Marc Lombardo fathoms both the deeper source of Taylor”s use of crisis as descriptor while also considering how we might better understand the state of the university. Missing her local video rental store, Paloma Ramirez wonders about what we have lost in our transition from physical to virtual consumerism. Finally, Nikhil Thakur considers the five issues Republicans must confront if they hope to revive their party in the next four years.

Creative Commons License photo credit: erix!

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