Issue № 6 | March 2009

When the U.S. West was a Place to Find Health

When Josiah Gregg and a company headed southwest on the Santa Fe trail in 1831, the young man was confined to lie prone in the bed of a Dearborn wagon. He suffered from chronic dyspepsia and tuberculosis, and western travel was prescribed for his condition.
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Le Parkour: The Body as Politics

As an eighteen year old climbs up on top of a telephone box, a couple on their  Saturday errands  prepare to tell him to get down. By the time they have cantered over he is back on the ground, thanks to a reverse back-flip.
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Breakfast: December 2007

The furniture was gone. And only the promise of empty space stared back at me. It was the promise of empty space that had beckoned me to Utah six and a half years earlier. The naked sky offered me the possibility to do anything and be anyone, and the silent mountain sentinels assented to shield me from mistakes.
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